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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Category, Lines, and Publishers....Oh My!

So, I've been back working pretty steady since the muse returned from her vacation. As you can see from the sidebar, on more than one project to boot! Unlike some writers though, I don't write with a specific category in mind...I write the story that is pounding in my head.

Therefore I come to a number of problems namely the Category, Line, and Publisher decision. Especially with a publisher like Harlequin, they are divided into a good number of lines from tender love to erotic, from suspense to paranormal, and even chick-lit to mainstream. So the hard part is finding out where I fit in the scheme of things. Now that they have vetoed their romantic comedy line also makes the decision harder, especially when I have to knock off some choices right from the tender (mine has a love scene), the erotic stuff (I don't want my mother reading THAT much detail), paranormal (no ghosts, vampires, or mythical magic in this one), and chick-lit (I am sooo not hip). I could consider suspense but most of those lines are serious and though there is a mystery in mine it's not played out so life threatening (well, not till the end). There are one or two other publishers to consider of course as well but it pretty much comes down to the same thing. So that leaves me with a narrow choice. But I want to pick the right one or its just a waste of postage and the editor's time....((heavy sigh)).

I know I still have a ways to go to finish the manuscript but I need to start figuring this stuff out soon so I have a plan for when it is finished. Any suggestions are welcomed!
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