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Sunday, July 17, 2005


So there I was standing on the driving range for the first time in my life because my husband coerced me into coming to what he called a charity 'couples' tournament. Turns out the 'couples' part was a very loose interpretation and that no other wives from our group came. What I should have done right then was taken the car home and made him hitchhike back.

To this we shall add a horribly hot and humid day, using my husbands clubs which were a foot too long, and having one of the 'irons' dropped on my foot by my already-in-the-doghouse husband.

Oh yeah, now we're having fun!! If he thought this would get me into the sport he loves he was mistaken...big time!!

To give me credit though, I didn't bean anyone with a ball or worse yet a club (although I thought about doing it to my hubby a time or two LOL), they did use 2 of my hits as best balls and I did putt in to save par once, I only ran over the tee green once in the cart, left my husband running for the cart once, and only lost three balls and broke five tees...not bad for a first timer I guess.

Truth be told as bad as I sucked, I did have fun...especially riding the golf carts!! For a first time out 18 holes was a long, long, long, long dredge but the other two men on our team were funny and to give them credit VERY understanding and patient with me. I may not pick up the sport as my husband would hope but maybe, just maybe I'll give it a try again for next year's tournament...after all, it was for charity.

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