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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ground Beneath a Stiletto

Ever feel like you are the butt of a cigarette being wedged into the ground beneath a steel heeled stiletto?

Yep, that's me today. The lovely mail-lady brought yet another rejection today. Normally I can take them in stride--it is par for the course afterall--but come on! Two in two days is just rude! Give me a little time to recoup from one before you stick the pencil in my eye again! Sure, I can give myself the pep talk that it is just one person's point of view, that it just wasn't right for that publisher but that doesn't mean it's not good...I can tell myself all that crap, which for the record is true, but doesn't mean squat next to the fact that they didn't want it, that it was returned in the SASE that you send with the submission but secretly hope never to see. It hurts, plain and simple. The fact that we pick ourselves up out of the crevice of the cememt that we've been butted into for the umpteenth time only proves that we are either very determined or simply gluttons for punishment. Today of course I feel like the latter.
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