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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm A Sucker For Romance

I admit my first love is to write romance. I choose to write romantic stories. Unfortunately sometimes I have a problem NOT choosing to write romantic stories.

Case in point. Our local area magazine was having a short story contest. Perfect! Can't wait to do something for it...can't wait for the idea to strike...can't wait to send something in...still waiting for an idea. Oh three or four have flown over the computer and been put in their own files to be worked on for other projects because each had ended up being a romance. Not that I couldn't send a romance into this magazine but knowing your readers is a big part of being a success at writing and this magazine in local, community oriented, and the odds are it wants a hometown story...not a romance. So I start again, and again, and again.

Now this isn't to say I haven't written non-romance. In fact, my two most recently published short stories were not romances (kinda worries me that the ones getting published aren't romance) but the problem is is that 98% of my thinking goes to a romantic theme (even when I try not to)...the other two percent is just dumb luck that the story pops into my head and actually works.

So how do I fix this...I have no clue. Practice maybe, making sure I catch those stories when they pop up, focusing harder (nah, tried that), or maybe it's just who I am. And whether the non-romance stories come out or not I'll just have to leave that up to fate because truth be told...I'm a sucker for romance.

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