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Sunday, July 10, 2005

In the Beginning...

And so it is I embark on the next phase of my technical journey...the web blog. I'm still not sure if it is the actual technical part that has me concerned or the writing part...and being an aspiring writer that disturbs me. I guess I just don't feel like an overly interesting person--which when thought about would make sense why I enjoy to make up stories of the adventures of others in their quest for love and life. Isn't it always easier in the mind to live someone else's life than your own?? But I do have thoughts, versions of the truth, and a need to write things down ALL the time so I figured why not...who knows, maybe my next best seller will be found right here in these pages.

Speaking of which, for those interested readers I am playing around with the idea of a continuous storyline taking place here. Whether daily or weekly I have yet to determine but stick with me and you may just find out something interesting after all!

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