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Friday, July 15, 2005

Life Turns...

Funny how life turns leaving one weeping and another thankful for what they have. Why does something bad always have to happen before we realize how lucky we have it? Unfortunately it takes a friend getting crushingly bad news to make me realize that moping about two R's in a row is useless when in reality they are only a dent in the beginning of my career.

Insignificant to the bigger picture.

It's nothing for me to pick up a pen or start typing and coming up with something else, I've got a million ideas...for her though it's not easy, it's forging for faith, striving to find the will to start life again, to trust that there is some greater plan in the universe and it will all work out (which, if you are reading this my friend it DEFINATELY WILL!)

And if I believe this for something as major as her current situation, then how can I not believe it for something as simple as my own dream.

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