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Thursday, July 28, 2005

On a Roll...Then comes the Drop-off

I get going for a few days where the ideas are flowing, the page count is going up and everything is great. Then we go out for a day. This of course though wanted and necessary, interferes with the temporary writing path I've been on. It feels like I dropped off the side of a cliff and am struggling to get back to that level of creative energy, or more appropriately creative discipline that I had before the break.

This is where it is easy to see that I am a novice writer because it could take days or even weeks for me to get back up on that peak where I am progressing as I feel I should. I know like any other job, it takes time to learn the routine, get your feet under you and feel comfortable about what you do. But, like any other job, you just wish you could get to that comfort level a lot faster.
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