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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Way Too Soon!

So I'm walking into our local dollar store planning to pick up a few items for our next trip to the know, summer stuff? I just saw the items last week so I knew they had them but when I went in, the whole main aisle was devoid of summer and instead piled high in the black and oranges of Halloween!!

For someone who has worked in retail most of her life and whose husband still does I know I shouldn't be surprised but come on! A little early don't you think?

I admit Fall, though usually one of my favorite seasons is not high on my list of pleasant thoughts this year. ((Heavy sigh)) My first born will begin school in the fall. I know, I can already hear the groans and giggles from mothers around the world who have gone through this but it's not quite for that reason. I have no doubt my child will love school, so much so they may not want to come home. No, the real trepidation is the schoolbus. Though I love the country, I was raised a city girl where you walked to school. I have no problems with a schoolbus per se but it is just that I think 4 years old (junior kindergarten) is just way to young to go on the big bus all my themselves. It won't be so bad with my second child because there will be the two of them, buddy system, and all that. But how am I suppose to let somebody I don't even know drive off with my precious child. (I can hear more laughing and head nodding from you all).

I know it has to be done but I just don't want to think of it until I absolutely have to...and you know what, July is way too soon to be thinking about all that stuff and I don't need to be reminded by retail stores wanting to cash in on ridiculously early buyers.
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