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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Crit Partners

What would we do without critique partners? Seriously.

Personally, I would be all alone in the world of writing. There are no groups around me, no other writers I know except on-line, the closest RWA meeting is two hours away through a traffic infested big metropolitan city and only about twice a year does it work that I can arrange babysitting on a weekend. But having a crit partner that pops up with an IM to see how it's going, to bounce ideas off of, to tell you when something is working, and especially when it's not, is the best resource I think an aspiring writer can have. We chat as if we are sitting across a kitchen table sharing coffee and our chapters. They cheer you on, perk you up, and tell you the truth even if it hurts all to get you to your shared dreams.

I got a crit of a full ms back yesterday from my partner and it was good. Not that the whole thing was perfect by any means...we're talking some extensive revisions in areas...but the point was she laughed when I meant the reader to laugh, gasped when I meant the reader to gasp, said she couldn't put it down which I definately want the reader to do, and best of all she pointed out all my mistakes, things I overlooked, problem spots, and told me the hard truth whether I wanted to hear it or not...encouragement...not depression. Will this ms get published? Who knows? But at least with crit partners, the chances get better and better.
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