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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Final Moments...

The dreaded final moments are upon me. The time when you are so close to getting that final copy ready to go out. I've been working hard on this one which needs to go out tonight (email luckily) but with my husband on holidays it's been a mix-up to my usual schedual. Therefore, I feel like I am backtracking, overthinking, and overediting.

I have the last run-through to do for any missed typos etc before I send it. But the 'should I's' keep popping up. Should I go through it again? Should I wait one more day but then I only have one more day before the due date? Should I can the whole thing? Should I become a plumber instead of a writer?

I spent the past hour working one, two-sentence paragraph for the query--you know, the one that counts because it is the first words of yours they read. No pressure. Right now I am taking a moment's break before that final run through in an attempt to calm down and get myself back together. Which is good because I have come to a conclusion: I like what I do and couldn't handle the gunked up sinks or the short-waisted pants of a plumber.
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