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Monday, August 01, 2005

Mixing It Up

I went to a meeting of the Toronto Romance Writers last year with Molly O'keefe speaking (she's hilarious!). Towards the end she had mentioned something about not getting stuck in a routine and mixing things up a bit expecially when confronted with writer's block or just having a hard time. Change your chair, change where you write, if you write in a book--write on the computer, if you write on the computer--write in a book type thing. Well, as I'm wont to do, I totally forgot about that good advice until recently.

I've been going through a bit of a hard time lately with my main ms. The short stories and children's stories are working great but when I try to work on the major project things aren't coming as easily as I'd like. I get a day where things are great and the page count goes up, then a week when I sit and stare at the computer screen fighting for each and every word!

Then a new friend happened to mention the way she writes which isn't necessarily the norm but I'm sure she's not alone. Funny but it was the way I wrote my very first manuscript and it flowed along nicely. The second one I did up on the computer and it went along okay with a bit of stumbling along the way and this third one though the story is compelling for me is just ticking along at a snails pace. The difference? I wrote out my first manuscript in a notebook because I didn't have a computer at the time. Something about the computer makes writing the initial draft daunting for me...maybe because the pages are set up in book format so I think everything has to be written down perfectly and, like I mentioned in an early blog, I get bogged down by detail. So last night I grabbed up a notebook and started the next chapter by pen. I had three scenes down without hardly a trouble. I put in reminders where I needed to and notes if I needed more details on the next go round but the freedom was amazing! There was no sense that I had to get it perfect so the words flowed out almost faster than I could write it down.

It's just funny how mixing it up a bit can make you look at things a whole new way. And somehow I have to make myself remember this in the future!
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