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Monday, August 08, 2005

Topic of the Week

Seems the topic of the week on most blogs is work space. I actually find it very interesting how people write, where people write, and about what. Still trying to find the ground beneath my feet, I've researched different writing techniques, different writing books, writers, publishers, etc but when it comes down to it--you write the way you write and in a way that makes you comfortable and able to write.

Like I said in an earlier post. Cows make me happy so surrounding my workplace are cows, pictures of my children, and anything else that makes me happy. Because a happy workplace produces more. So here is my happy, albeit organized disordered workplace.

What you don't see is all my husband's sports paraphernalia behind me. He did sneak in a few on my wall, although the Tampa Bay Buccaneer stuff is all mine (GO BUCS!) Plus there is the ever-present toys around too but, as you can see, I got the window so I don't care what else is in the room because I get to focus on the beautiful countryside.
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