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Monday, August 22, 2005

When It Rains...

Did I mention we went on a wonderful family vacation to London, Ontario. We visited with my best friend, went to Storybook Gardens, The Regional Children's Museum, and Adventures on Wonderland...and a local garage to get the car fixed.

Ugh! The one thing you don't want when you are far, far from home is car problems. We did get lucky in London and spent the day at the Gardens and park while the car was being fixed. Then my husband went to Michigan for the NASCAR races and the car started acting up really badly again! I admit I am the stereotypical woman who knows nothing about cars, my only concern was that I had the auto card and a cell phone in case it broke down before I could get to a safe landing spot. Thankfully we made it.

So there is my poor husband out there now trying to fix the car after spending seven hours on the road to get home and getting only ten broken hours of sleep over the past three days.

When it pours and right now the rain smells an awful lot like gasoline.
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