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Sunday, September 11, 2005

I've Lost My Characters...

This is a good lesson in not second guessing your gut.

Aroung Chapter Four things were kinda feeling a little I was missing something. Things weren't quite working the way I wanted them to etc. I knew I should have gone back to the spot they started to feel wrong and revised from there....but no, I really wanted to get a first draft of this story done, making notes along the way then go back and revise, edit and fix everything. Why? Because I thought I should...this is what happens when you think too much--now I am on Chapter Ten, things seemed to be going well when I realized that was because I was just writing out the scenes. What would happen here, what would she say/do, what would he say/do, some descriptive etc. The scene was what I wanted but I had totally lost the characters. They had no depth, no true thoughts in there head and when I thought she would panic, she should have punched him out, and him, well, let's just say whimp. Yuck...ick...gag me with a spoon.

Then I went back and read my first chapter which I had sent into a contest...WOW!! I loved it, it had everything I wanted for these characters...they were strong, aggressive, filled with conflict, and was great...and that's when I realized my mistake. I should have gone with my gut at Chapter Four and went back to fix things. Now I have two thirds of an ms full of crap and months of wasted time. I'm sure I can save some of it but I'm hitting my head against the keyboard and the letters left on the screen pretty much match what I'm calling myself.

Ah well, live and learn. Off to start again, this time trusting my gut and throwing the 'should be doings' out the window!

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