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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nothing Worse...

There is nothing worse than having a sick child. We had our episode last night of going to a walk in clinic and having suggested that we go see a pediatrition in a hospital in a neighboring town about a half hour away because our hospital didn't have a pediatrician. Thankfully everything was fine in the sense that there were no major concerns and just a viral infection that with fluids and diet would be better in a few days.

But it was while we were in the hospital waiting room that the news on the small TV were giving more details on the Katrina disaster. Wow, tell you about being thankful for the health and wellfare of your family. It distressed me that my child was sick but at least I knew there was a doctor waiting to look at him. These images on the news had overfilled hospitals with no power, no water, no food and the unbelievably heroic nurses and doctors fighting for the lives of their victims while they themselves were on a slow dehidration/starvation trail. One story showed 29 newborns rescued from a hospital...but only three mothers were with them. The other children had no family and most of the time no one had knowledge of their mother's whereabouts. Could you imagine giving birth to a child while a hurricane ravaged your hospital then having your child taken away (for their benefit of course) but not knowing if they were alive or dead and vice-versa? And this is just one smidget in the problems with all the lootings, murders, rape etc. Even the police having to barracade themselves into their stations for their own personal safety.

Needless to say, I had no problem with the long wait time in the hospital when this was going on in our neighbors to the south. Feeling horrified for them and at the same time thankful beyond thankful of our own safety. My heart and prayers goes out to all who were affected.
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