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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sick, Safe, and Starting Again

What a way to wake up on your birthday...sick with a horrendous cold!! But my hubby did make the day special cooking me a big breakfast, and ^^trumpets sounding^^ buying me a birthday cake!

I collected my child safe and sound from the bus after school. They did good on their first day (I of course was a wreck waiting for the phone to ring all day) They just looked so small on the bus. But after them excitedly talking non-stop about the day I felt a smidgen better. Please tell me it gets easier watching a stranger drive off with them (although I must insert here that the bus driver is an older gentleman and very nice).

Hopefully my head cold will clear enough today today to start my revision and making this wip into an actual comprehendable kick-a$$ story.
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