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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I So Wouldn't Have Made It...

I soooo wouldn't have made it as a pioneer woman back in the old days.

Why I say or even think this, you ask? Because our load of wood came in, pleasantly dumped in the middle of our driveway. So there is my hubby and I making upteen hundred trips from the pile into the mudroom to store it for the winter for our woodstove which heats the main portion of the house (I live out in the country--but not too far). Now dh is built like a football linebacker and carries his manly portions while I am lucky to juggle two or three pieces at once. So during this I kept thinking how we were lucky that the wood was already cut into managable chunks and that 'back in the old days' men would be out all summer with an axe cutting the whole darn tree by hand (of course my musings ran away with me here when the fantasy of a bronzed adonis weilding an axe took over my brain). The before-fantasy thingking led to woman baking their own breads and having to walk to an outhouse in the middle of the night. Yep, I really like modern inventions and am thankful that I buy bread pre-sliced in a bag, don't have to milk the cow, and my butt stays warm if I need a midnight visit to the loo.

Not to say I don't occasionly make the homemade apple pie, or sew up a piece of clothing, but let's face it, Little House On The Prairie I'm not...and that's okay with me!
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