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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dog Days

Sometimes I think I have the weirdest dog. We got him from the shelter last spring and he is a real sweetheart but...well...weird. First in a little Twilight Zone moment we found out about a month after we got Riley that he was born on the same day as dh's mother who passed away the year before. So for those of you who believe on a higher power like I do, I like to think Riley is a sign that she's still looking out for my kids.

Second, I have never known a dog to sleep on its back. Maybe I just haven't been around enough dogs but my family has owned four since I was a child and dh's family all have one so I discount that. This is his favorite position.

Not to mention, he also thinks he is a lap dog...I don't think so. The beast loves to play but forgets that he weighs more than my youngest. Yet he is the most passive thing I've ever seen. But we love him for all of that too.
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