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Monday, November 21, 2005

Golf Ball Moment...

Yesterday was a golf ball day as referenced to in an earlier post (Oct 27) I had with the story about "THE MAYONNAISE JAR AND COFFEE".

It was a brisk day for us. The snow from the previous week had melted and the sun was shining, the kids were bundled in their winterwear while we put up our Christmas lights outside. We took the dog and the smell of fresh pine trees and cool air was soooo refreshing as we went walking through the neighbors field looking for a pine tree to place in a strategic spot near the end of the driveway. As we (or I should say my hubby) put up the lights and the kids played in the yard I noticed the time was past lunch so I grabbed some veggies and dip, juice, cheeze and crackers (boxes and all) and a big blanket and we had a picnic outside in the middle of November. For those of you in warmer climates it may not be unusual but for Southern Ontario it was VERY unusual and that's what made it fun.

When we were done the kids stood up with cheery, happy smiles thanked me for the pic-i-nic then proceeded to help (or hinder depending on how you looked at it) their father with the rest of the lights.

Then we came in and watched The Toronto Santa Claus Parade on television.

A family day through and through. It sure puts everything back into perspective. This is what is important, everything else will work itself out.
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