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Monday, November 14, 2005

It Must Be the 5th Year Again

I'm sick, again.

This is an unusual year. I usually get sick three times a year and can even break it down further to once in October, January, and April. But this year, especially the past seven weeks have been just awful! After thinking (which was my first mistake) that I was finally ready to go back to my workouts after a respiratory virus, I came down with the flu on Wednesday and now have a viral tonsilitis (I feel like I'm five again and a five year old would have problems spelling that word too). Seriously, this is nuts!

Then my friend and I were talking this week (well, she was talking while I made pitiful sounds of acknowledgement from my swollen throat) and it turns out that she's not having the greatest year either. On further examination we figured for us it must be a five year theory. The last time I remember being this sick was five years ago Christmas (oh yeah, that was a cheery holiday) and again five years previous to that (why do we remember the worst times?) But that's the point. It must be for us that every fifth year our immune system goes through an internal service adjustment that leaves us suseptible to all kinds of crap while it gets itself straightened back out.

This theory however does leave for a good side--if it's true then the next four years should be relatively healthy ones for us.

Any one else notice their own pattern?
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