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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not Coming To Me...

I started NaNoWriMo yesterday but it is not going as well as I had hoped. I was so gung-ho for it and couldn't wait to start but now that I have, the words aren't flowing. Part of it I'm sure is that danged internal editor. (I'm trying very hard to ignore her.)

The other part is that I am debuting my greeting cards line at a local bazaar on Saturday so I've been getting all of that painted, printed, and organized as well. It shouldn't be hard to do both but added to the regular life/family stuff it seems to be.

I did today though go back to the notebook. It's much easier to cart around than a computer and I can throw a few lines or paragraphs in at a time while I'm doing other things then I'll load it into the computer tonight to see how far I've gotten. Hopefully this will work and yes, my notebook will be coming to the bazaar with me...don't want to waste a minute when I've only got the month to get it done!
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