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Friday, December 02, 2005


Oohhh, you got me Stephanie!

Okay, here goes:

Book Meme

1) Book Buying: If my husband only knew the truth I’d be single again.
2) Spine Cracker or Not: Not but buy the forth read and ion years, a few may look it.
3) Book Stores: Probably Coles because it is the most easily accessible out here. I look like a country hick with my eyes wide and a goofy smile whenever I get the chance to go to the big Chapter/Indigo stores.
4) Series: Stephanie Plum novels and Anita Blake novels
5) Cover: Yeah, they are the first to grab me. If the cover isn’t catching, I usually don’t pick it up to read the back.
6) Rereading: Yeah, because money gets tight and I can’t stand not to have a book near the couch or the bed.
7) How Many Books Do You Read At a Time: One, two at the very most. I love to get totally caught up in one story.
8) Where Do You Read: Home on the couch. I have one of the worst diseases for a book buff—car sickness. If I even look at words on a page while in a moving vehicle I get dizzy ill. Believe me, it’s a crime! Many a long car trip would be more pleasurable if I could.
9) What You like about Certain Authors: Humour. If an author can make me laugh then the book is a keeper…reason behind #4
10) Kids in Books: Now that I have my own, I can relate more.
11) Ebooks: never done them.
12) Writing Dreams: Get a popular series like #4 characters
13) Do you always Finish: Writing a book, no. Reading a book, not if I can’t get through the first two chapters.
14) AP Test: ??
15) Titles: I love coming up with them, they usually spark the main idea. Same with buying, the title catches me just as quick.
16) Reading Memories/The importance of Reading in your Life: This is funny. In school I hated reading. I was slower and took forever to comprehend. Though I loved to make up stories of my own. It wasn’t until my first full-time job that I took up reading in some of the major lulls the business had. From that time I haven’t been without an open book somewhere very often.

Okay, I’m officially tagging Penny, Michelle W, and Jenna!
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