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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too Much Christmas...Never

I remember reading an earlier post of Mary's when she started decorating and wondering if she had too much Christmas. We just finished digging all the boxes out and hanging, sitting, posing, lighting, and displaying everything and like I told can never have too much Christmas!

Most everything has meaning one way or another. Other than a few bobbles and apples, our entire Christmas tree is decorated in ornaments that mean something. Some were given as gifts, others we bought to commemorate an event or for remembering what the children were into that year. I have a number from when I was a young girl (don't ask me to put an actual year to these). One is a little coin purse brought back from my Aunt from her trip to Mexico--inside are still the pennies she put into it; there is an elf from another aunt--it's one of a triplet she gave my sister, brother, and I. My husband's favorite movie is the Lion King so for our very first Christmas as a married couple we bought the Hallmark ornament of Simba and Nala embracing.

I know there are those 'Martha Stewart' people who have to have a theme or colour scheme for their Christmases but it's the mish-mash of memories in each item I have that truly make it Christmas.
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