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Monday, December 12, 2005

Wrap it Up!

To some people, the bane of their Christmas is wrapping upteen hundred gifts for family and friends...hence someone created the gift bag. Uh-huh, not me.

I LOVE to wrap gifts. I have a bag full of the gift bags that I recycle for other gifts very sparingly and only when wrapping won't due. I love to pick the right paper for the person, to decorate with ribbon and bows, and to put funny little clues on the gift tags.

Of course, I say this now because I have just decided to begin the Christmas wrapping...ask me in another week and I'll the ribbon will be flung out the window, the bows will be stuck on haphazardly, and I'll be praying I put the right name on the right gift (wouldn't do for the father-in-law to get my neice's trendy T!)
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