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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Age Defined

There is nothing to bring your age closer to home than a teenager.

Tell me, do you honestly feel your age? I don't. Inside I'm still twenty-something. Maybe it is the decrepidation of the mind which let's us believe this even though highschool was ions ago and your children are now in school themselves.

The occurance that came up was dealing with know, the all consuming tunes that define an era. Simply put...I am so '80's. My nephews are now in their late teens and of course have the mp3 players and are up on the multi-genre of the times. Unlike their matronly aunt who while in the car, rocks to the classics of Bryan Adams, Cutting Crew, Corey Hart, or whoever else happens to win a slot during the Sunday Time Machine on the local radio station.

It is then that you realize the '80's began over twenty years ago and that in fact time has passed whether you paid attention to it or not.
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