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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Annoyed Disillusionment Rant

What ever happened to the honest that's not really what I mean. What ever happened to catering to the person and not the money.

Case in point is our oil tank. We needed a new gage because the old one said we had over half a tank when in reality we were empty. So we called our usual furnace company and they sent a guy over last week. The same older gentleman, really nice, talkative, you know the kind. He was here maybe twenty minutes and I know I'm over-estimating that time.

Anyway, so the bill came in the mail yesterday. The gage cost a total of $21 dollars, no problem. The labour--all twenty minutes of it--cost $80!!! Can you believe that!! So we now have a bill of just over $100 dollars (tax added to this of course) for a freakin' tank gage that my husband probably could of installed himself--but of course then we would have had to have someone come in to check to make sure it was done properly for insurance purposes--cripes!

As if this isn't enough, I've also been looking up jobs that I can do from home. I've been looking through newspapers and the internet finding many various adds and sites that sound great...until you get to the bottom of the page where they are willing to give you access to the 400+ businesses looking for homeworkers...for the small fee of $39-69.95! I swear by the time I was done I was so mad and depressed. Well, we know how they are making their money from home don't we?


Oh well, I guess I have to take my rose coloured glasses off and see the world occasionally for what it is....ruled by the All Mighty Dollar. I much prefer my view of a world where your neighbor matters not for what they can pay you but for how you can help them or they can help you just because we care.

p.s. Can't go without the superstitious set of three so let's add the $400 it took to find a simple wire had corroded on the car. But at least it is running--YAY!
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