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Friday, January 13, 2006

Benefit of Children to a Writer

Romance has always been my genre of choice as a writer. But since the addition of children and the multitude of books I read to them, I've been interested in creating a series of children's books and currently have two very different ones in the works (one currently sitting in an editor's slush pile as we speak).

With my romance novels, I have critique partners who read my roughs, offer suggestions, hold my hands, or kick me when needed. It is only recently though that I realized what invaluable critique partners I have at my children.

It is by their reactions, good or bad, that I can gauge the effects of the story I write. When they laugh out loud, I'm thrilled. When their eyes wander, I know I have to fix that area. When I hear them three days later reciting a line and laughing at it, I feel the thrill of hope that I just might have something an editor may want to read.

Yet still, even if the editor decides it's not, I'll always know that I have my two biggest fans waiting in the wings for the next installment.
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