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Friday, January 27, 2006


After spending most of the month working, reworking, and discarding a number of story ideas, I've FINALLY come up with one that I am happy with. The funny thing being it is totally off the wall and nothing like the other ideas I had been considering.

I wanted to start a brand new ms for the new year but was having trouble with the conflicts. The h was too nice, the H had no depth or vica versa but no matter what I thought of to torture them with I just couldn't come up with a conflict or plot I was happy with. Then of course the doubts start hitting...if I can't do it now then what will happen if I'm lucky enough to get something published but can't come up with a second book!!! OMG, I must really suck at this. (I know, way overboard but I find that most of us writers have our dramatic moments and this was mine)

But then last night in a spark of brilliance (like I said earlier "drama, drama, drama" we are either down in the dumps or up in the clouds--this would even be more funnier if you understood the premise of my ms) So within an hour I had the basics down, conflict, plot, torture, humour, characters and sporatic notes all swirling faster than my poor hand could jot them down so I wouldn't forget. I even emailed one crit partner and IM'd another to run it by them to see if I had something. Thankfully they thought it would work.

I spent the night sleeping between spirts of notations in my bedside notebook and though I may lack a full nights rest (which is nothing unusual lately with the kids hacking away) I woke up still excited about the story. That is when you know you may have something that you can actually complete.

Best of all its a romantic comedy so it should be fun! Wish me luck!
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