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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Old Three Factor Again

At least this time the three factor is a good thing.

Reading back on the last few posts I mentioned the new idea for a romantic comedy, which my muse is still swamping me with details (I love it except she does this at 2am in the morning...ugh, I am not a night person).

I also mentioned finding somewhere to send a sample of my greeting cards.

Now, I think I figured out a way to work at home. I'm going to be a Personal and Small Business Marketing Consultant helping people write up resumes/cover letters, create logos, business cards, mailers, flyers, and anything else they may need to promote themselves. Why it took me so long to figure this out I don't know. Before the kids came I used to be a graphic designer for a sign company for two years, I've written I don't know how many cover letters for myself alone for various jobs, publishers, etc. Not to mention the ones I have done for family and friends over the years. I've done posters, flyers, coupons etc for my mother's church and various people for the last two years and now that I have a good quality laptop and printer, I'm half-way there.

I'm going to take the next month to plan it out, set up my pricing, info sheets, and my own marketing plan which should put me at a perfect time when companies are starting to rehire since the after Christmas slump. I figure there will be some needing resumes for going out into the business world when highschool or college ends or even end of year term papers typed up. I plan to canvas the small business in the area (we are a tourist town so their are plenty) and a few other odds and ends still need to figure out. It just finally feels like the right thing for me.

Now, just for the record, I haven't always believed in the three factor. That was my mother-in-law's fault. She was a strong believer and this influenced my husband somewhat who mentioned it whenever a situation came up. I'm still not a hundred percent sure it's not just some superstitious gobbledy-gook but I'll tell you over the last bit I think I'm becoming a believer.
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