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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Dance

Oh Yeah! I'm doing the happy dance!

I finished the full outline of my story yesterday...the full, the total, the ready to be written most everything is there, now put it on a shelf and let it simmer for a bit full outline! And I did it five days less than a month. That has to be the ultimate record for me!

Not only that but I found a way to take an element of the story and expand it into three separate books. Oh yeah, she be happenin' today!!

So I'll take a few days to go back and edit some rough drafts of my children series (the one where I sent out the first story last month). While doing this I'll also brainstorm on the second and third book of this new romance epiphany that I had. Next week I'll start on the outline for the second book using the First Draft in 30 Days again because hey, stick with what works for you right. Then when its ready to stew on a shelf, I'll go back and edit the first book's outline then start the writing of it. I'm sure you can see where this pattern is going and its kinda cool because again it is a routine that is so far from my norm but soooooo where I want to be.
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