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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lovely Morning...Not

Had one of those good country mornings today...remember that I was origionally a city girl.

So, there we were putting on the upteen layers of winter clothing to go out and catch the bus this morning when a school bus WHIZZES by. I don't remember a bus going by at this time before and it was 12 minutes before ours was suppose to come. I am faithful to be out their eight to ten minutes earlier than the bus is supposed to arrive for safety sake. But, you are right, it was our bus. We figured this out after freezing our a$$ waiting for one that never came. Luckily, hubby was off today so we drove to the school and sure enough, there is our bus just leaving from dropping kids off. How many it actually picked up considering it was way early I have no idea. We checked with the secretary and two other mothers had called complaining that the bus WHIZZED by them too, one even having run waving her arms down her driveway.

Upon arriving home, we called the bus service to find out that it was a new bus driver, our old one not being in their employment anymore. (We don't know the details but we REALLY liked him and were obviously dismayed) Anyway, the secretary was a dear and apologized profusely explaining the situation and not sure the new driver knew about the kindergarten route because it is an every other day one.

Then, the secretary of the bus company calls back an hour later asking unusual information like what time my child gets picked up, where my child gets picked up, etc. Things I would have assumed a bus company transporting school children would know, especially since we've had this bus route for the past four months. Apparently 'The Board' didn't know anything about this. That we were supposed to still be a picked up at a communal bus stop a ways down the road from our house. Now, those of you who have kept up with this blog know I called to change before school began because I was not walking two young children around a blind curve and through a wind tunnel 20 minutes down the road in the middle of a central Ontario winter. But apparently no-one told 'The Board' the arrangements that were made with the head of the bus company and 'The Board', who tallies by finance and pay rates instead of the conditions of where we live or what it is like to bundle two young children up for the winter and drag them down the street in the freezing wind, doesn't agree with the stops that have been working for the community for the past four months. The bus passes right by our house to get to the stop so it is not an inconvenience whatsoever.

I must give Kudo's to this secretary though because she was very kind and understanding and is helping with the cause. It will be interesting to see what Friday morning brings when next we wait for the bus.
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