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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Music and Manuscripts

I've heard a number of people talking about cd's they've made to go with certain stories they are writing. They play these as they work or certain songs during certain scenes. Now, personally I've never done this nor had any inclination to do...until now.

The First Draft in 30 Days book poses questions as you go, things I try to think of while I'm writing but have never thought of ahead of time...what the characters are seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and hearing, you know, the basics. Of course we try to put these in every scene but having to think of them before I'm in the writing process was a unique experience. I had notes that she was in a sporting goods store waiting to see an old boyfriend that she hoped still loved her. Simple enough and all I thought I needed to know to start. Yet, when I added all the senses to the scene BEFORE writing it, I found out a lot of things I didn't know and probably wouldn't have even thought of but that will make the scene that much richer. Hence comes in the music. While she's waiting she hears the strains of the musak playing in the background...well what type of music would it be, I thought--it's a modern store so I was thinking 90's to present day music--then I thought well the music itself could play a role that I didn't even consider before. So after much searching (and remembering this is a romantic comedy) I found Madonna's Love Don't Live Here Anymore. This changes her mood from hopeful to having nervous doubts, giving her more depth as a character which is what we strive for. Yeah, its a little thing and a bit time consuming now but it could save a lot of time in revisions later. I don't know about you but any break in revision hell is a blessing.

One other scene has her thinking that life is going great and perfect and that she'll be able to avoid the fate of her origional death (yeah, you'll have to read it to get what that was but I'll give you a hint, think doggy park, leashes, and a stone fountain...ooooh, not pretty) I also knew I wanted a sixties feel so I found the old hit, I Can See Clearly Now (in a regge feel no less). But as we writers love to push our characters off a cliff, the corny cliche song only last for about two minutes before I throw a wrench into her happy day.

So, do you use music to help you with your manuscript?
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