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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Packed Up and Ready to Go

I finished up the last minor revisions and final proof of the first story in my children's series. It is now packed up in the envelope and ready to hit the mailbox when we go to town tomorrow.

I plan to work on the second story in between bouts on the romantic comedy I'm working on. I figure if I'm lucky enough that the editor likes the first story, I want to have one or two more ready for them and if they don't like it well, then they are ready for the next publisher I try.

My reward for finishing that this morning was to redo my office. I went to the dollar store yesterday and got some shelves, a colorful tablecloth, baskets etc and for about ten dollars have a whole new look to the office. Brighter, cheerer, ready for the next best seller to be written in (LOL, I have t be optimistic).
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