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Monday, February 06, 2006

Research Headaches

Is there any part of researching that you like?

I'm amazed what you can find out on the internet--when you have the patience to sift through page after page of useless stuff to get that one site that gives you the details of what you are looking through.

Normally I don't mind but I seem to be stalled right now. The main problem being that I need to give a certain, yet important secondary character a position of importance, where he is on his cell half the time and called away the other half. I guess I'm just having a brain freeze because until I can come up with a job that makes sense, I can't research it. I've thought of lawyers, banking, etc. but nothing seems right...any suggestions I'll take. PLEASE! I know I'm vague but like I said, until I find the job, I can't get the details.

What type of jobs do your characters have?
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