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Friday, February 10, 2006


Bus update: we went out an extra ten minutes early today just in case the new bus driver came early...of course she came right on time. I double checked that this was her plan for the future and it was so now we know. I must say she is actually nice which makes me feel better overall too.

Writing update: things are going very well. I'm trying something different and working from the book, First Draft in 30 Days, by Karen S. Wiesner and finding it very helpful. I specify first draft because I've heard a number of people assuming that it will give you your complete manuscript in a month but that's not the case. It is an organized way to get an awesome outline done so that you can then write the ms easier and faster when the time comes. Now, I also don't have the illusion that I can even do the first draft in 30 days because of the usual interferences of children, family, and day to day life. I'm also not following the book word for word but as the author says, taking what I can use and working with it. But its the fact that it's helping me to write every day and get further than I would have plowing away on my own. I'm happy with my progress and that's all that matters.

Husband update: actually more of a husband moment. My sister is taking the kids this weekend. First thought, wow, romantic weekend so close to Valentines day WOOHOO! Uh, no. First thing you need to know is that my hubby is a sports-aholic. So, in his I-can-make-my-wife-happy-and-watch-the-game-too voice he suggests we go to an early matinee movie then dinner then be back in time to watch the hockey game (oh, and the bush series car racing at the same time) because I've been sick and don't like to stay up too late lately. Yeah, right, so thoughtful I say. But I give in because I'm laughing too hard at him not too.

Health update: yes, I've been sick a lot this winter and finally got into see my own doctor (instead of walk-in clinics) I've got a major sinus infection and it is the swelling that is affecting my ear (major earaches, you'd think I was a toddler) and that his prescription is to go to Cuba for a week. Works for me! Now I just have to figure out how to convince my insurance company it is doctor prescribed. In the absence of that he continues with a smile, he gave me some good pills and to ice my face regularly to reduce the swelling. No where near as fun as Cuba would have been but I'm now on the third day and can finally feel some improvement. As a side note it is also fun after the ice pack has been on my face for twenty minutes to saddle up and give my husband a cheek to back hug...the gasp of frigidity he yells is quite entertaining.
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