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Friday, March 31, 2006

Back on the Wagon

Thanks for the sympathies on the {insert worst letter of the alphabet here--twice} but just to let you know that I'm back on the wagon.

I finished up the short story I was working on and it is all packed and ready to go to the post-office. It is going to my Mount Everest and with the past two days that now has me worried that it is the third item out. But I have high hopes. You know that feeling when you put something in the mail thinking, "This is the one." Yeah, we get that feeling on all of them but you know what? Someday, it has to be the one. So until the next letter comes with a yea or a nay, for today this story is the one that will catapult me to the top of the mountain!

Oh and my SUNSHINE is back! We went to the Toronto Zoo yesterday and it was just gorgeous!! And you should have seen the new baby orangutan, the cutest thing every!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006


For this blog entry go here.

I don't know whether I like to see them all come at once or stuttered over time.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

On the Other Hand

On one hand we have yesterdays post, on the other we have a good review.

I sent the children's story that is being commisioned by the local church in for a first review today and they are quite pleased with it. So much so that the minister suggested an idea that I come in for a Sunday and read some of my stories to the children and that he would work his sermon around them. Whoa, kinda cool. Not that any of my other stories have anything to do with the church but a few do have life lessons in them that might work. Now, we're not talking a big city church here either but there are three churches within his pastorial charge which it would include. Could be interesting. And I definately needed the boost. Now I best get to sketching out some artwork for the story they've approved.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Worst Letter in the Alphabet

This has to be the worst letter in the English alphabet. I only wish Ernie could magically alter the letter to look better but no matter how pleasant the form letter (talk about an oxymoron) an R is still an R.

It sucks.

I know, I'm so subtle. Can you guess what the mailman brought today?
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Journey to the Middle of the Web

I've been thinking of putting a web site together for a while now. Ever since I got my laptop (last May, yikes) there's been some programs on it that I haven't even used yet. Apparently one can create a web site. I know I'm smarter than I look but I still feel like a technical drop out. Probably because my brother has always been the computer whiz while I've dabbled more in the arts so next to him I'm quite incompetant.

Having this blog though has given me some hope that I am not a total loser after all. So again the thoughts came up that maybe I should go for the big site. I even went to the library and got a book about all the technical stuff so I could fool myself into thinking I know what I'm doing. My plan, of course, was to wait until I was published but in truth, I'm already a published author. Maybe not in book-length yet but I have a few good short stories in print to my name that I am very proud of.

Of course the fun part for me is in the design. The not so fun part is realizing I day-dreamed two days away doing sketches and playing around with what I would include instead of actually working on the writing that will hopefully get me published in book-length fiction. Bad Stacy, bad Stacy.

So today, and from now on, I'm giving myself a daily goal whether words, pages, or a certain amount of edits before I allow my mind to wander too far. Don't expect anything too soon though. This is going to be a long journey.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm a Big Kid Now.

You've misinterpreted the title and picture if you were expecting a "Yes! He's trained!" entry today. No, he's not and probably won't be until he's 20...I figure by then he will at least be out on his own and I won't have to care anymore.

No, this is one of those wow kinda funny things (from my point of view). I've gone international and all because of the phrase pull-ups. I was skimming over the site meter report for last week and one of the referring url's were really weird and under it it had google then "pull-ups". Someone from Germany must have been looking up something and because I've mentioned the potty training pants in a blog or two, my Blog must have come up so they came over for a visit. Cool. I'm a big kid now because for a brief (no pun intended) moment I was googled on the net.

So, what's the coolest, weirdest, or just interesting visitor you've ever had to your blog---or would like to have??
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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny, bright, warm. I took the kids off the school bus and we played outside for over two hours. They swung, they ran, they played soccer (where the mutant comes up to me with hands in the air after a goal and says, "Now we hug like they do on TV" ), wrestled with the dog, and sat on the porch to visit with Nana. It was a beautiful spring day!

Woke up this morning to snow.

And it is still going.

I was so ready for green grass and sunshine. What happened to my green grass and sunshine!
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Thursday, March 23, 2006


The writing is flowing although in a different line this week. I've been working on two short stories. One for my Mount Everest which I want out at the end of the month (it is written on the calendar so I don't have a choice) and the other is a Children's Christmas story commisioned by the local church. This one is fun because it will be in pamphlet form to give the kids who come to the Bethlehem walk next year. I plan to do some black and white illustrations and a game or two so it is interactive.

I don't mind the break because if something doesn't come up then I work and work and work at the ms without giving myself a day or two off to let it stew and let my mind think up new things for it. And I like that I've got other writing to do to keep things mixed up a bit.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

There's a frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the middle of the sea.
There's a frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the middle of the sea.
There's a hole,
There's a hole,
There's a hole in the bottom of the sea.

There, call me unusually cruel, but now I'm not the only adult singing this song in my head today.

We had a 'family' outing today and I made the mistake of letting the mutants listen to their CD in the car (because the new car has a CD player which our others hadn't). In the middle of Walmart, mini-mutant decides to serinade the shoppers at the top of his lungs. Just my luck, he inherited his father's tone deafness. Good thing he's cute!

Let me take a moment to clarify the 'mutant' phrasing because that came up just this week. I've mentioned before that my hubby is a sports-aholic who I have given up on ever believing will enter a twelve-step program. My 4yr old turned to hockey this year because his father watches it. It was cute at first but now he has gone beyond my husbands loyalty to teams to include all and every team on the known planet (The Olympics were H-double-hockey-sticks). He plays livingroom hockey by himself with all the broadcasts, replays, penalties, and anything else he can add just for fun--or just to annoy me, I'm not sure which. He has mutated beyond his father's enjoyment of sports to the point where I look at my husband rolling his eyes when our child tells us all the scores in the previous nights multiply hockey games--for the twelth time-- and I simply say, "It's your fault, you created a monster." His younger brother, though not as influenced yet, is showing all the signs and copies his brother more and more. So now they are the mutant and the mini-mutant. He really gets into the commentating of his games so personally, I think the mutant would make a great sportscaster someday and am trying to plant the little seeds now. I know, I know, it's not really fair and up there with mother interference but if I had a choice, I'd rather him talking about the game than playing it.

Baseball season opens on the 4th of husband loves that, between hockey and baseball, he can watch sports almost every night...I cringe to think of what the mutant will come up with next.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wips and Wheels

Wow, I can't believe a writing prediction actually came true. I rewrote the first part of chapter two in a different POV last night, got up and did the cleaning, the playing, the editing of a short story, feeding the mini-monsters and putting them down for a nap, then got to work on continuing on from where I left off. Another ten pages later and I'm a happy camper! If I can just finished this next scene today then I will have completed the rough of the first three chapters--that's like a partial! Woohoo.

Now, don't think I'm fooling myself that it is to a 'partial' status. I'm not that over the cuckoo's nest yet. But it is laid out the way I want so I just have to go back and layer in a few details or actions, and a bit more emotion in the middle--the usual stuff. I'll do that run through starting Monday if my luck holds. When I'm happy with how its going then I'll move on to start the middle >>shudder<< chapters later in the week. Hopefully having a solid outline will help cut out the middle slowdowns. Stay tuned.

Oh and the wheels? Over the course of the last week we got a new car--or rather an old/new car. With all the drama from my perm, I forgot to mention it. I'm excited because the car was actually made in this decade, a first for me. My others were like '84's and 93's whatever was afforded to us at the time. The other absolutely awesome thing is that it is a second car...yes, my very own, get-out-of-the-house-any-time-I-want, don't have to plan or get up at 6am to take the hubby into work type car. What a thrill! The boys and I were out all day yesterday doing some shopping and some March break events at the library. Of course my husband has already started with the "will you be going out today?" cringe in his voice questions thinking I'm going to explunge our non-existant bank accounts with my new found freedom. I just laugh and let him fret. He doesn't need to know that I'm a cheap date and love just to go to the library, vistit my sister, or play at the waterfront park when the weather gets better. Shhhhh, don't tell or he'll never bother to take me out for dinner again.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Forward Momentum

Well, the computer illiterate side of me took over last night and I just couldn't make the meters on the side change without pulling up errors left right and centre. I don't know, maybe it just needed a good night's sleep but it went through on the first crack today.

I managed ten pages yesterday which I am proud of. I don't think it will happen every day because I plan to do minor revisions as I go along. I tried the not-looking-back route but it doesn't work for me. What needs to be changed just sits there like a little ghoul flopped on my shoulder rapping out a "Hey I'm still here" on my temple every other page. I figure in truth, whether it is done now or later those types of edit changes need to be done and if it makes me feel better to do them today instead of 375 pages later then that's just the way it's gonna be. Take Chapter Two for instance. I finished the rough of it last night but when I was laying in bed I kept thinking that it just wasn't right...then it struck me that it is in the wrong POV. Easy fix. So I'll probably be revising that tonight and starting fresh pages tomorrow. The whole point for me is forward momentem. If that means going back two pages in order to make the next ten that much easier to write and a better read than so be it.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whipping the WIP

And so it begins! Yes, I have finally laid the second outline to rest for now to start the actual writing of the first wip. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed that part. I thought I was doing some by the notes etc I had been jotting down but it is just nothing compared to staring at that page and making the story come to life.

And the writing started off even better than what I hoped. So well in fact that I even managed to kill the heroine off by the end of the second page instead of the end of the first chapter as I had origionally cool! Oh, uh, well, sure, not for her I guess :). Don't worry though, she had to die to get the chance to live again, that is the whole point of the story. Yeah, the dog leashes were a cruel addition but I'm sure she'll get over it once she finally sees her Hero.

So, hopefully you will see that little meter over on your right side start to do some shimying on a fairly regular basis.

Oh, and just to update....I'm me again!! There is still a little swelling on the right cheek (why this particular area, I have no idea) but other than that I can now look in the mirror and see me again instead of Hey Arnold--seriously google his image and you'll know why I'm so happy.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Joke or Lesson?

So, needless to say with the rather scary events of the weekend, God and I had been doing quite a bit of chatting. Now, I'm not a traditional religious person. Not to offend anyone but I don't go to church regularly, though I do say my prayers at night, we did have our children baptised but no we don't talk about God much within the family though I have been thinking we really need to start because my husband and I both went to Sunday School as children. But I do try to live a good life and teach my children the value of kindness and charity, love and respect. I say all this so you don't think I'm preaching the Lord's word or anything because that's definately not how I am. But I wanted to share this because it came up this weekend. This was actually told to me as a joke but I like to think of it more as a lesson.

During a storm the river swelled up and started flooding this town. The water rose and rose until it was touching the second story of this man's house so he went up to the roof for safety.

A row boat passed by and they called to him to jump aboard. The man said, "No, that's okay. I know God is going to save me." The people in the boat urged again but finally had to move on because of the current.

An hour later, the water had risen to the edge of the roof. A ski-doo passed by and told the man to jump on. The man said, "No, that's okay. I know God is going to save me." Again, the ski-doo finally moved on because the man refused to get on.

A bit later the water swelled up to the man's knees as he held onto his chimney. A helicopter came by and threw down a rope for him to climb. The man waved the helicopter off saying, "That's okay. I know my God is going to save me."

So the water came up and the man drowned. When he was standing at the Pearly Gates he called to God. I believed in you. Why didn't you save me?

God looked down upon the man and said, "What more could I do? I sent you a boat, a ski-doo, and a helicopter."

Like I said this was told to me as a joke years and years ago but I take it more to heart than that by using it as a lesson. You see, it's not easy for me to ask for help or accept even accept it when given. For some silly reason, I feel I need to be strong, be the one to keep control, not show any weekness. Maybe it's because I lived on my own for so long before finally meeting my husband. Maybe that was the role I felt I took with my family, I don't know I could probably go to a psycologist for years before that's ever figured out. But the point is that times like this weekend (for some reason I like to think has something to do with the man upstairs) this story always pops into my head. I didn't tell my husband how truly worried I was with the excess swelling the second day but while talking about his upcoming shift and finding out if he went he would be working alone and therefore wouldn't be able to leave if it got worse and I needed him I had a choice. Continue acting like nothing was wrong when inside I was freaking out at the excess swelling even though the doctor said it was normal...or risk feeling like a fool and going back to the hospital where there was a good chance they were going to say the same thing. When my husband asked if I wanted him to stay home, I said, "No, no that's okay, I'm fine." When he asked again. I hummed and hawed and said "No, I uh, don't think so." When he said "Okay, but I need to know now because I'd have to call for someone to cover for me," I said, "Make the call." And boy am I glad I did. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn't gone back to the hospital and got the severe allergy medication.

Just a thought to leave you with...
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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Trip to the Hospital--Part Two

Yup, ended up going back to the hospital again this afternoon when the right side of my face started swelling up into my eye and down in my throat. This doctor ended up giving me heavy duty pills specially made for allergic reactions, asthma etc. The kind that you take a big dose first day and ween down to a little dose the last day. She's promising I should even start feeling better by tonight--I'm holding her to that!

I've tried to distract myself by working on my outline in my head. I'm kinda stuck on one part and don't know what to have the h do for the better part of an afternoon. The distraction didn't help so needless to say, I haven't done much writing in the last two days. As for the h, she's stuck in limbo because I can't just breeze over this particular afternoon yet at the same time I have no idea what a single gal drifter planning to leave town the next day would do the afternoon before. I have her morning busy and she goes to her last shift at the bar later but that afternoon area is still a blur. Anyone waning to make suggestions to a pitfully swollen writer with a great perm, I'm all ears (literally because they are about two sizes bigger too).
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

And a Trip to the Hospital later...

Oh yeah, we're having a fun weekend....NOT.

So I woke up Sunday morning and added swelling to the itchy red blotches so now I look like Martin Short in a scene from Pure Luck or Wil Smith in a scene in Hitch. I figured it was time to get it checked when the selling around my neck & face got worse...can you all say panic attack! Thankfully the doctor in the emergency room said it was basically a localized, topical chemical burn and the swelling is the body trying to get more fluids to the area. Funny how I could breath properly again the moment she said this. Still, my neck is stiff from the swelling that is right up around the ear region which just feels so weird. She says it could last up to a week (oh, joy) and gave me some heavy duty lotion to put on it once a day and to ice it when needed.

Let me reinerate here in case there are any lingering doubts whatsoever...I am NEVER getting another perm or any other type of procedure done that involves chemicals on my head again. When the gray comes (at the moment I am ignoring the one or two little hairs) then it comes in natural and it will be to stay...vanity be damned, I ain't going through this again.
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Uh Oh Ewwww!

You shouldna' dun dat Lucy!

Okay, so my Desi Arnez accent needs a little work but oh boy--can you all say allergic reaction. I had a perm done yesterday and about two hours after began the mutation. Starting with little itchy spots, then big itchy spots, then big red itchy spots, then big red mutinous patches of itchy spots. Ick, yuck, ow. Aveeeeeenoooooo! I even sucked back some of the kids Benelyn Allergy which remarkably helped quite a bit.

I've always had sensitive skin but I used to get a perm once a year ages ago...hint term: ages ago. I blame it on the kids. Pregnancy and childbirth mutates our system somehow so that we are never quite the same again. Brain cells are lost affecting everything from memory to coherent thought--"Put that thingy there away! Don't call, uh, um...whateverhisnameis, you know, your brother, names. What do you mean you wanted me to pick up that, I don't remember you asking?" Weight, well, I won't even go there and skin--do I need anymore proof? I think it is to prepare us for what is to come in childrearing. Now, we can black out what we don't want to remember like potty training and sleepless nights cleaning up various bodily fluids. We have more padding for when the kids ram us with a hug or forget we are even there and continue playing floor hockey as if we are the imaginary opposing team. And the skin, well, how bad is a rash on us when you've already seen your kids with a bum rash that could have been a living entity all in itself.

So, for the next few days I'll be a big blotchy bear and this will DEFINATELY be the last perm I ever get again!

I don't want to leave this all on a bad note though, so I will tell you one good thing before I go...ignoring the red hair looks AWESOME!
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Friday, March 10, 2006


Wow, this is my 100th post! Now, I know I'm a babe where guru's like Mary are concerned but it's my first 100 so let me hear a woohoo!

Hmmm let me think, a few other things that I have or have done in the 100 catagory:

~ cow collectibles
~ heard the phrases “Mo-o-om” or “He’s bugging me” in a single day
~ number of Hotwheels I step on a day
~ times in a week I wonder how I’m going to survive with so much testosterone in my house
~ times I thought this wip was going to be THE one
~ times I thought this wip sucks
~ episodes of Survivor I have seen
~ times I started a diet
~ times I’ve cheated on a diet
~ times I try to be thankful in a day
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Will Survive--A Writer's Song

For those of you who haven't yet, you have to pop over to Michelle Willingham's blog for March 9 and read her version of the song I Will Survive. OMG, I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's in a Kiss?

When was the last time you really kissed your significant other? I don't mean just a peck on the lips on your way out the door or a simple good morning kiss over the morning coffee. I mean an honest, looking in his eyes, you are the one I've chosen, hands in his hair passionate kiss?

I'm on this topic because of a few small things that have come up in the last few days. One was watching what I still think is one of the best movie kisses of all time. I know most of you will laugh but I dare you to rent or get it and see for yourself. He lifts his hands to her face and slides them slightly back in her hair. He gazes into her eyes with a small smile tilting his lips. He moves in slowly, hesitating over her lips as if savouring the moment. He pauses slightly as if doing the gentlemanly thing and silently asking for that last bit of permission, then going in for the kiss and making it count from the first contact all the while holding her like he doesn't want to ever let her go. Sounds like a wonderful romantic movie? Nope, believe it or not its a classic guy movie with car chases and the whole bit but you know what? It's still the best kiss ever. The movie? Smokey and the Bandit. I'm serious. My husband put the video in the other day for my sons and I just happened to look up at the right moment. was good.

The second was a music video of which I have rarely seen any for years. The song and the words and the pictures fit, just fit. But it wasn't the romance or the googly eyes or the kisses that caught my attention. It was a simple scene where they clasped hands. Handholding is an tender embrace when you think of it and the way they did it in the video was, well, magic. Weird I know, but I've always thought handholding was right up there with kissing in the intimacy standings.

The last was a conversation with a friend who is in a new romance. I know, your thinking well sure, a new romance is always more passionate. Yes...and no. For those like me who have been with their mate a while you forget what it's like back then. You wistfully remember the passion and the cuddling and the way he was totally focused on just you. But what we forget and I was reminded of was the awkwardness, the dips and turns, the trial and error of finding out what works and what doesn't, what you like and what you don't. (I am sooooo thankful I didn''t have to go through that anymore. ) Kissing came up in this conversation, basically that she wanted more of it. And I thought to myself, you know what? So do I.

All these reminded me that passion doesn't stop the moment you become exclusive, or the ring goes on your finger, or after the kids are born. Yes, it gets shove to the back--waaaaaay to the back--but you have to remember to pull it out once in a while, forget you are X amount overweight or that his hair is a little grayer. I'm extremely lucky, my husband likes me just the way I am, or he's an incredible liar. I'm not sure which one I believe but either way he still sets my heart a flutter with just a look. Unfortunately, more times than not I miss the look because I am too busy convincing my youngest he wants to use the potty so he can be a big boy and go to school, or answering the zillion and one questions of my oldest for the zillion and ten times, breaking up fights, moving the dog out from under my feet, trying to become a famous writer, and catching up on the sleep I've been lacking since the third trimester of my first pregnancy. Yet, now that I realize what I've been missing, I plan on paying more attention and for that matter, taking the time to kiss my husband soundly more often. I'm sure he won't mind ;)

So, next time you see your beau, take his face in your hands, look him in the eyes, dive in, and enjoy.
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Monday, March 06, 2006


Talk about that horoscope in the previous post being right!

I just got my contributor copy with my story in it today! Boy, did I need that. I was doing my happy dance all the way back up the driveway.

Here's the magazine if anyone out there happens to see it around. I'm not sure about my friends in the U.S. but I know Canada and the UK gets it. The story is called Hidden Treasures.

They did a great job with the illustration for my story inside too...oh, I am so thrilled! There is nothing like getting your story solid in your hands. I'll probably be a babbling basketcase when I get an actual book of my own in my hands.
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I think I finally realized why my mood has been a little muddled lately. Yes, the stories are going well which perks me a bit but there has been this overhanging...something. Not really depression, not really sadness, just kinda the lack of something.


Winter can be beautiful but it is so monocromatic and this time of the winter is more grey skies, grey roads, grey grass...just plain blah. I need the freshness of colour that comes with spring...the green grass, the red tulips, the blue sky, and pink sunrises, multi-coloured running shoes, and baseball caps--everything that has been hidden under the grey.

So I leave you with a burst of colour and hope it fills in even a little bit of the grey.

I'm editing this in because I found it on Michelle's blog and I'm a Libra too. It was for a writer's horoscope for March.

Libra: The perfect year to polish that manuscript or screenplay and get it out there. Two significant planets are perfectly positioned for writers..lucky you! Smart you, actually. You have the BEST chart of anyone to make this writing thing pay off well.

Belief is in the eye of the hopeful

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Lightbulb is a Shinin'

Yes! I had that longed for lightbulb moment that set all the other elements of the second story in place. I've been madly reorganizing my Initial Summary to add in the new info and move the other pieces of the puzzle around so when it is complete it will look like an actual story instead of a lot of misguided gobbledy-gook.

I love it when a story comes together!
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It Can't be Too Far Now...

March has arrived meaning that spring can't be that far away now....Thank goodness! I need the renewed energy and freshness of spring, to see the grass turning greener and the days warming up. This has been a harsh winter although I must say it didn't seem overly long like it usually does which was a blessing.

The stories are moving along although this second outline I think will take me longer because there are a LOT of things to keep a hold of at once--I like to describe it as Fifty First Dates meets Groundhog Day. Yeah, I think I'm taking on a lot too but if it works as I hope it will be hilarious. I just have to work out a few kinks still...and hey, maybe even a few kinky things too LOL, it is almost spring after all!
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