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Sunday, March 12, 2006

And a Trip to the Hospital later...

Oh yeah, we're having a fun weekend....NOT.

So I woke up Sunday morning and added swelling to the itchy red blotches so now I look like Martin Short in a scene from Pure Luck or Wil Smith in a scene in Hitch. I figured it was time to get it checked when the selling around my neck & face got worse...can you all say panic attack! Thankfully the doctor in the emergency room said it was basically a localized, topical chemical burn and the swelling is the body trying to get more fluids to the area. Funny how I could breath properly again the moment she said this. Still, my neck is stiff from the swelling that is right up around the ear region which just feels so weird. She says it could last up to a week (oh, joy) and gave me some heavy duty lotion to put on it once a day and to ice it when needed.

Let me reinerate here in case there are any lingering doubts whatsoever...I am NEVER getting another perm or any other type of procedure done that involves chemicals on my head again. When the gray comes (at the moment I am ignoring the one or two little hairs) then it comes in natural and it will be to stay...vanity be damned, I ain't going through this again.
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