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Monday, March 06, 2006


I think I finally realized why my mood has been a little muddled lately. Yes, the stories are going well which perks me a bit but there has been this overhanging...something. Not really depression, not really sadness, just kinda the lack of something.


Winter can be beautiful but it is so monocromatic and this time of the winter is more grey skies, grey roads, grey grass...just plain blah. I need the freshness of colour that comes with spring...the green grass, the red tulips, the blue sky, and pink sunrises, multi-coloured running shoes, and baseball caps--everything that has been hidden under the grey.

So I leave you with a burst of colour and hope it fills in even a little bit of the grey.

I'm editing this in because I found it on Michelle's blog and I'm a Libra too. It was for a writer's horoscope for March.

Libra: The perfect year to polish that manuscript or screenplay and get it out there. Two significant planets are perfectly positioned for writers..lucky you! Smart you, actually. You have the BEST chart of anyone to make this writing thing pay off well.

Belief is in the eye of the hopeful

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