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Friday, March 17, 2006

Forward Momentum

Well, the computer illiterate side of me took over last night and I just couldn't make the meters on the side change without pulling up errors left right and centre. I don't know, maybe it just needed a good night's sleep but it went through on the first crack today.

I managed ten pages yesterday which I am proud of. I don't think it will happen every day because I plan to do minor revisions as I go along. I tried the not-looking-back route but it doesn't work for me. What needs to be changed just sits there like a little ghoul flopped on my shoulder rapping out a "Hey I'm still here" on my temple every other page. I figure in truth, whether it is done now or later those types of edit changes need to be done and if it makes me feel better to do them today instead of 375 pages later then that's just the way it's gonna be. Take Chapter Two for instance. I finished the rough of it last night but when I was laying in bed I kept thinking that it just wasn't right...then it struck me that it is in the wrong POV. Easy fix. So I'll probably be revising that tonight and starting fresh pages tomorrow. The whole point for me is forward momentem. If that means going back two pages in order to make the next ten that much easier to write and a better read than so be it.
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