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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm a Big Kid Now.

You've misinterpreted the title and picture if you were expecting a "Yes! He's trained!" entry today. No, he's not and probably won't be until he's 20...I figure by then he will at least be out on his own and I won't have to care anymore.

No, this is one of those wow kinda funny things (from my point of view). I've gone international and all because of the phrase pull-ups. I was skimming over the site meter report for last week and one of the referring url's were really weird and under it it had google then "pull-ups". Someone from Germany must have been looking up something and because I've mentioned the potty training pants in a blog or two, my Blog must have come up so they came over for a visit. Cool. I'm a big kid now because for a brief (no pun intended) moment I was googled on the net.

So, what's the coolest, weirdest, or just interesting visitor you've ever had to your blog---or would like to have??
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