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Monday, March 27, 2006

Journey to the Middle of the Web

I've been thinking of putting a web site together for a while now. Ever since I got my laptop (last May, yikes) there's been some programs on it that I haven't even used yet. Apparently one can create a web site. I know I'm smarter than I look but I still feel like a technical drop out. Probably because my brother has always been the computer whiz while I've dabbled more in the arts so next to him I'm quite incompetant.

Having this blog though has given me some hope that I am not a total loser after all. So again the thoughts came up that maybe I should go for the big site. I even went to the library and got a book about all the technical stuff so I could fool myself into thinking I know what I'm doing. My plan, of course, was to wait until I was published but in truth, I'm already a published author. Maybe not in book-length yet but I have a few good short stories in print to my name that I am very proud of.

Of course the fun part for me is in the design. The not so fun part is realizing I day-dreamed two days away doing sketches and playing around with what I would include instead of actually working on the writing that will hopefully get me published in book-length fiction. Bad Stacy, bad Stacy.

So today, and from now on, I'm giving myself a daily goal whether words, pages, or a certain amount of edits before I allow my mind to wander too far. Don't expect anything too soon though. This is going to be a long journey.
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