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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Trip to the Hospital--Part Two

Yup, ended up going back to the hospital again this afternoon when the right side of my face started swelling up into my eye and down in my throat. This doctor ended up giving me heavy duty pills specially made for allergic reactions, asthma etc. The kind that you take a big dose first day and ween down to a little dose the last day. She's promising I should even start feeling better by tonight--I'm holding her to that!

I've tried to distract myself by working on my outline in my head. I'm kinda stuck on one part and don't know what to have the h do for the better part of an afternoon. The distraction didn't help so needless to say, I haven't done much writing in the last two days. As for the h, she's stuck in limbo because I can't just breeze over this particular afternoon yet at the same time I have no idea what a single gal drifter planning to leave town the next day would do the afternoon before. I have her morning busy and she goes to her last shift at the bar later but that afternoon area is still a blur. Anyone waning to make suggestions to a pitfully swollen writer with a great perm, I'm all ears (literally because they are about two sizes bigger too).
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