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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Uh Oh Ewwww!

You shouldna' dun dat Lucy!

Okay, so my Desi Arnez accent needs a little work but oh boy--can you all say allergic reaction. I had a perm done yesterday and about two hours after began the mutation. Starting with little itchy spots, then big itchy spots, then big red itchy spots, then big red mutinous patches of itchy spots. Ick, yuck, ow. Aveeeeeenoooooo! I even sucked back some of the kids Benelyn Allergy which remarkably helped quite a bit.

I've always had sensitive skin but I used to get a perm once a year ages ago...hint term: ages ago. I blame it on the kids. Pregnancy and childbirth mutates our system somehow so that we are never quite the same again. Brain cells are lost affecting everything from memory to coherent thought--"Put that thingy there away! Don't call, uh, um...whateverhisnameis, you know, your brother, names. What do you mean you wanted me to pick up that, I don't remember you asking?" Weight, well, I won't even go there and skin--do I need anymore proof? I think it is to prepare us for what is to come in childrearing. Now, we can black out what we don't want to remember like potty training and sleepless nights cleaning up various bodily fluids. We have more padding for when the kids ram us with a hug or forget we are even there and continue playing floor hockey as if we are the imaginary opposing team. And the skin, well, how bad is a rash on us when you've already seen your kids with a bum rash that could have been a living entity all in itself.

So, for the next few days I'll be a big blotchy bear and this will DEFINATELY be the last perm I ever get again!

I don't want to leave this all on a bad note though, so I will tell you one good thing before I go...ignoring the red hair looks AWESOME!
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