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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whipping the WIP

And so it begins! Yes, I have finally laid the second outline to rest for now to start the actual writing of the first wip. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed that part. I thought I was doing some by the notes etc I had been jotting down but it is just nothing compared to staring at that page and making the story come to life.

And the writing started off even better than what I hoped. So well in fact that I even managed to kill the heroine off by the end of the second page instead of the end of the first chapter as I had origionally cool! Oh, uh, well, sure, not for her I guess :). Don't worry though, she had to die to get the chance to live again, that is the whole point of the story. Yeah, the dog leashes were a cruel addition but I'm sure she'll get over it once she finally sees her Hero.

So, hopefully you will see that little meter over on your right side start to do some shimying on a fairly regular basis.

Oh, and just to update....I'm me again!! There is still a little swelling on the right cheek (why this particular area, I have no idea) but other than that I can now look in the mirror and see me again instead of Hey Arnold--seriously google his image and you'll know why I'm so happy.
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