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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wips and Wheels

Wow, I can't believe a writing prediction actually came true. I rewrote the first part of chapter two in a different POV last night, got up and did the cleaning, the playing, the editing of a short story, feeding the mini-monsters and putting them down for a nap, then got to work on continuing on from where I left off. Another ten pages later and I'm a happy camper! If I can just finished this next scene today then I will have completed the rough of the first three chapters--that's like a partial! Woohoo.

Now, don't think I'm fooling myself that it is to a 'partial' status. I'm not that over the cuckoo's nest yet. But it is laid out the way I want so I just have to go back and layer in a few details or actions, and a bit more emotion in the middle--the usual stuff. I'll do that run through starting Monday if my luck holds. When I'm happy with how its going then I'll move on to start the middle >>shudder<< chapters later in the week. Hopefully having a solid outline will help cut out the middle slowdowns. Stay tuned.

Oh and the wheels? Over the course of the last week we got a new car--or rather an old/new car. With all the drama from my perm, I forgot to mention it. I'm excited because the car was actually made in this decade, a first for me. My others were like '84's and 93's whatever was afforded to us at the time. The other absolutely awesome thing is that it is a second car...yes, my very own, get-out-of-the-house-any-time-I-want, don't have to plan or get up at 6am to take the hubby into work type car. What a thrill! The boys and I were out all day yesterday doing some shopping and some March break events at the library. Of course my husband has already started with the "will you be going out today?" cringe in his voice questions thinking I'm going to explunge our non-existant bank accounts with my new found freedom. I just laugh and let him fret. He doesn't need to know that I'm a cheap date and love just to go to the library, vistit my sister, or play at the waterfront park when the weather gets better. Shhhhh, don't tell or he'll never bother to take me out for dinner again.
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