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Friday, April 21, 2006


What a day.

First up, the doctor. Turns out I have psoriasis. The allergic reaction to the perm was the catalyst so to speak that brought it on. I'll have to research it a bit because to be honest I don't know much about it but from what my doctor said, exercising can aggravate it (ahhhh bummer...but then he added but you have to exercise...ahh bummer), sun is good for it (if I had known that yesterday, I wouldn't have covered up while at the zoo), and stress of any sort is not good (yeah right, like serenity will ever happen in my life). Then he decides he wants to do some blood tests. Okay, this is late Friday morning, his nurse has no luck even finding a vein so sends me to another blood clinic. The wait is huge and when I finally get in there she can't find anything either, pokes me twice then calls someone else over who also pokes me twice and FINALLY gets some--OUCH!

So that's all fine and dandy and I'm happy that he's given me a prescription to help it...I put the prescription in and they are busy so it will be at least 40 minutes. No problem. I've got some shopping to do. Come back right on time and the little clerk says it'll just be a second--fifteen minutes of standing there looking stupid later and the pharmasist sends his techie over to talk to me. They had to double check one of the prescriptions with my doctor but he's out of the office now until Monday, fine I'll take the creme. Uh, no, we only have the ointment and have ordered the creme which will be in guessed it, Monday.
Let's think about this:
a) they could have told me that when I showed up to pick up my stuff instead of making me wait fifteen minutes
b) he sends his flunky to tell me (and the guy barely looked out of highschool and scared witless)
c) I waited forever at the clinic, got poked 4 times and won't even tell you where they finally found a willing vein, waited another an hour at the pharmacy, and came home with nothing.

Can you say PEEVED!

The good news is that I grabbed a notebook and got three pages of Chapter four down while waiting for the bloodwork. Yay me!
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