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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dumb Dogs

Let me start by saying I love my dog but that doesn't mean he doesn't have stupid moments (kind of like husbands).

The other day we had a bad thunderstorm go through, wind blowing, rain pounding, God getting a strike on the big bowling lane in the sky, you know the kind. As if that isn't bad enough the dog then starts a'howling. It was so fierce that even my oldest said it scared his tummy. So now I'm thinking one of two things. Either there is the Incredible Hulk mowing down our driveway on an angry vendetta or the hunky hydro guy pulled up to read our meter (and that he would be soaking wet and I should invite him in, offer to dry his clothes while offering him a hot coffee and skimpy towl to change into). Anyway, it was neither (bummer on the latter). There wasn't even a squirrel in the yard yet my dog is still going at it like we are under attack. I stop for a second and try to focus on where he is looking. Down our fair sized driveway is a cow...Easter cow to be more precise at the moment. Usually the cow faces the road but the wind had blown it until it was staring at the house, or again more precise at the dog. Seriously, it was like a bad mob movie..."You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me? Hey cow, you lookin' at me?" This whole thing lasted almost ten minutes up until the time when I couldn't convince the dog that the cow was friendly, that I had to put him in the laundry room to settle down (no front facing windows in there, come to think of it no door either so he did well to stay) When he finally came out twenty minutes later he no longer howled at the window but he stood there with his hackles up and a low growl every time he passed it until hubby fixed the cow on his way in from work

So, this is the dog, Riley the Protector (as in will lick your face off, thinks he's a lap dog type)

And this is the cow. Pretty fierce huh?

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