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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It's funny how we can't think for ourselves when it involves our own work and can easily spot things in other people's. The problem I posed in yesterdays post was really concerning me and weighting me down. But I want to thank all of you who gave me some great words of encouragement that I hadn't even thought of before...growth.

I guess you could compare it to your children. We are with them every day so we don't really see the small growth spurts until the pants suddenly become floods. Yet even my mother who lives very close will notice a change within a week if she hasn't seen them.

So involved our we in our writing that we miss the little growths that happen every day. The subtle changes in our voice, how the characters come forth stronger and less 2 dimensional, how we stop telling a story but letting the story tell itself.


When I read over WMAB I remember constantly making the note 'topical', for me referencing that it sounded more like someone telling their friend instead of being in the character's pov. Yet when I re-read a scene in TOHL, I can really feel the character herself.


Maybe my problem with WMAB isn't that it needs to be revised but rewritten. Rewritten by the characters and not me. For right now though, I don't want to lose the feel for the characters in TOHL so I think I'll just focus on it for now. I love WMAB's story so I'll go back to it someday...when I've grown a bit more.
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