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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A miracle has happened in my home this morning. The children slept in!

Now, I can hear all your chuckles of laughter but do your children get up at 5:30am every morning? Do they crawl in beside you and start asking in a rather loud voice about the hockey game last night or what your plans are for the day? Do they have feet cold enough to wake a hibernating bear (namely me)? All before the sun has even cracked a frown on the horizon?

But this morning I was graced with a husband who left for work early, a dog who didn't use me for a pillow, and two glorious children who slept in until 7:30!

I admit when I awoke and saw the clock but heard nothing from the next room, I had a minor panic attack. Where are the children? Did aliens come and take them while Matthew McConaughey helped me save the world from a psycho terrorist ready to unleash a massive nuclear warhead which we had only seconds to dismantle? (Amazing how brilliant I am in my dreams.) Did their father take them to work with him? (Wishful thinking, I know, but remember, I was barely awake.) Did someone come in during the night and find their elusive volume control switch and turned it to mute? (Come on, you can't tell me you haven't looked for your child's volume control switch.)

When I realized none of these had happened and they were actually sleeping, I lay back down with a smile on my face and tried to go back to celebrate with Matthew.

Alas, it didn't happen and the only men who came into my bed were a 70 pound dog with bad morning breath and two rug rats who, after having had two extra hours of sleep, were rarin' to go even more than usual. But that didn't bother me too much (other than I could have used another few minutes with Matthew *g*) because I had the chance to sleep in and it was glorious!
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