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Friday, April 28, 2006

Name Change

I think the term writer should be changed to waiter. No, not the "Can I get your dessert now" type waiters, but waiting waiters.

Think about this. As writers we wait to hear back from everyone from agents to editors, crit partners to crit partners. We wait for our story to be read. We wait with bitten nails for someone to tell us they want to buy it.

Even in the beginning stages we are waiting. We wait for the ideas to come, for the ideas to purculate enough to start a story. We WAIT for the story to get out of our fingers and onto the screen, and wait for it to sit and stew for a while before we go back to revise it. We wait in line at the post office to send it (even wait for the post office employees to figure out what an International Reply Coupon is), we wait by our mailboxes or e-mails. Are you getting the drift here.

I'm not saying we don't do things while we wait, you know, like worry and stew and bite our nails and even share in the silver bucket being passed around. Oh yeah, and work on other projects at the same time...which if you go back to the above paragraph, just starts all the waiting again.

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